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Type aliases

BasicIntent: BasicAcceptor | BasicOffer

A simple object matcher can be used to send or receive a single object.

Intent: BasicIntent | PostingIntent<any>

An Intent object can be either a basic intent, which specifies the data to send or reply with directly, or a PostingIntent which posts the data as a separate operation

MatchResult<T>: NotMatched | Matched<T>

Result of an exchange operation returned from ModalRequest.open()

Type parameters

  • T

Matched<T>: { matched: PeerIntent; value: T }

Indicates a match was made

Type parameters

  • T

Type declaration

  • matched: PeerIntent

    Information about peer the exchange was performed with

  • value: T

    Exchange result. Specific result depends on the matcher.

NotMatched: { matched: null }

Indicates no match was made

Type declaration

  • matched: null
PostingIntent<R>: PostingAcceptor<R> | PostingOffer<R>

A posting intent produces the offer or response data with a callback, but instead of returning the data from the callback sends it to a separate posting function. This allows sending transferable objects to the peer (including MessagePorts) and controlling the MatchResult value

Type parameters

  • R


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