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Interface BasicAcceptor

An acceptor used to receive a single object

The result of an exchange will be the arrayified offer data.

  • If the offer data is an array, the result will be that array.
  • If the offer data is null or undefined, the result is an empty array
  • Otherwise, the result will be a single-element array containing the offer data


  • BasicAcceptor



accepting: string | string[]

The form or forms of the object we wish to accept

connecting?: undefined
having?: object

Additional form-specific metadata

offering?: undefined
replying?: any

The data to reply with, or a function returning the reply to send.

If a function, the first parameter is the peer's Match information and the second parameter is a promise that resolves when the exchange is closing (in case the modal is closed before the exchange can complete).

The data may be a promise that resolves to the data to send asynchronously.

using?: undefined

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